Learn the new features As Well As Protect Gold Mines At “Rush Wars”


Beyond any doubt that Rush Wars is the future of strategy games where attacking and defending is all about using tactics and strategies. The developer Supercell has mode so many efforts to make this game amazing and enjoyable. Not like other games there are few new things of attacking and defending that players are willing to know about it. All about new features are written below also you can see more about Rush wars in Rush Wars Hack. New features about game is written below –

As we can see that with new release game, new features are also part of the game and this time also supercell came will new features that players will love to know about it –

s  Players have to build a squad of friends and with them players can raid on the area of enemies. This new features is very amazing that every friend can Play together in a same match.

s  Also players can make their huge team and add strong and smart players in the team.

s  A new features is arrived that lets the player team fight against the opponent team at a face off mode. In the mode every player will be available to attack at the same time.

Protect the gold miners

After all the new features there is something more important is that players have make their gold mind area strong with heavy and strong defences. Enemies are in the game are very smart and if you lost the grip of defence, they will crush your gold mines easily. If you don’t have many defences you can get it from Rush Wars Hack and it will help a lot.