Guide for Purchasing gear in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

The Moonton is dedicated to provide full set of entertainment in its MOBA brand “Mobile Legends Hack: Bang Bang”. The full set up entertainment and the addictive gaming craze is especially due to myriads of items available for purchase apart from the heroes. The different set of gears available and necessary for the game is a real charm to the game.

And the most exciting news is that they are continuously going on adding more and more new set of items, gears, and accessories that is always rejuvenating Mobile Legends: Bang Bang with every new update.

Items: Know what they are

The objects and artifacts that are used to provide special effects and benefits to the gameplay are known as items.

Items are basically of 2 categories of which one is the basic category that does not need any other item to be purchased along with that. The other one is the advanced item category that is made up of a basic item and a combine cost.

Items are categorized into tier system depending on the ranking of the player and difficulty level of the games. Currently, the available tiers are Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3

Benefits of Items

The basic working fundamental of the item is to enhance the difference in gaming parameters for the person using the item keeping the parameters for the others fixed. Most common and notable in gaming parameters are Hit point, Armor, Attack speed and so on.

Each hero has the capability to carry as many as 6 items along with it.

Effects of Items

Since it enhances in gaming parameter it definitely should cause some effect to show that on the screen. The effects of the articles are of two types. They are unique effect and passive effect.

Unique Effect: Unique Effect are those effect which have unique property and capability. Even if 2 similar kind of items are purchased the one with unique effects show its color.

Passive Effect: The items that provide passive effects are the ones which provides automatic or passive activity of the item.

Items: To choose

From the whole set of hundred items, we have chosen the possible best combinations for winning the battles. And they are being divided them into 5 set of categories.

The available gear sets are as follows:

Attack Gear

Magic Gear

Defense Gear

Movement Gear

Jungle Gear

Attack Gear

Ø  As the name suggests these are accessories for the person who would play the attacking role in the battle.

Ø  Does fit best with Fighter/Assassins/Marksman

Ø  These gears are specialized to impose a heavy damage on the opponent troops

Ø  Best fit attack gears:

v  Malefic Roar

v  Haas’s Claws

v  Berserker’s Fury

v  Endless Battle

v  Windtalker

v  Scarlet Phantom

v  Blade of the 7 Seas

v  Blade of Despair

v  Hunter Strike

v  Bloodlust Axe

v  Rose Gold Meteor

Magic Gear

Ø  The Magic gear allows the enhancement in spell capabilities of the magician.

Ø  Goes right with maze.

Ø  Best fit magic gears:

v  Holy Crystal

v  Concentrated Energy

v  Ice Queen Wand

v  Glowing Wand

v  Calamity Reaper

v  Clock of Destiny

v  Blood Wings

v  Fleeting Time

v  Lightning Trucheon

Defense Gear

Ø  The defense Gear comes with the items that are specialized for using in the last moment of the health so that the hero could provide some extra firepower and damage to the opponents.

Ø  Does fit best with the tanking elements.

Ø  Best defense Gear:

v  Bloodthirsty King

v  Demon’s Advent

v  Oracle 2110g

v  Athena’s Shield

v  Dominance Ice

v  Immortality

v  Brute Force Breastplate

v  Heart of Steel

v  Ancient Ghostatue

Movement Gears: Helps in the movement and increases the attack speed ability.

Jungle Gear: Specialized for the clearing the jungle hedges. Provides extra damage to the monsters and evils spawned from the jungle.

This is an altogether a guide that provides you the in-game charm to choose your own gear to suit with your favorite hero.