Jurassic World Alive – Some Tips For Beginners

Jurassic World Alive is almost similar to Pokemon Go, in the game; each and every player must physically walk around outside to find as well capture dinosaurs. It is just small steps to build the Dino team.

Players can play the game on two platforms namely, Android, iOS, because it can run very smoothly. In addition, you can play the game with your Facebook friends by linking the account, and check their skills, who are the best player in your friend list through the Jurassic World Alive.

Top 3 Classic Features

1. Always Choose Best Dinosaurs – One thing you should keep in mind is that, players will need to be able to choose the best members of your team. Rarity, evolution, and levels play a crucial role in the game to make your dinosaurs more powerful.

2. In-app Purchases – If you want to take more benefit in the game, so you should use in-app purchases, with the help of it, you can unlock more dinosaurs, and complete many levels, in a time.

3. Collection of the Dinosaur – Players can choose up to eight dinosaurs having different skills and abilities on their team. If you want to create more dinosaur species, so you can add in your collection.

4. Evolving Dinosaurs – If you want to create dinosaurs with stronger powers, so you should take DNA of a certain species. If you have enough DNA of any single species, so you will be able to go collection and create any powerful dinosaur.

Final Words

Conclusion, I hope you understand all the above mentioned some brief tips to survive in the game. Lastly, you always to concentrate on in-app purchases to take advantages, like unlock the dinosaurs and levels in Jurassic World Alive to make powerful your team.