What is the use of currency in Gardenscapes?

What is the use of currency in Gardenscapes?

With the advent of android technology, many new games are added on the internet. Nowadays one to the top viral games is Gardenscapes, and it comes with many kinds of handy tasks. In which you are playing the role of Austin and decorate the garden. The player can add many new things like furniture, plants and many decorative items. You can join many other stories because millions of active users are present on it.

The currency plays a vital role for each phase, and without enough amount of it, we will not succeed in the game. For grabbing it, many players are going with free tools like Gardenscapes Cheats. This provides us much amount of currency, and we can survive long in the game.

Major currencies in the game

In the game we will see mainly two kinds of currencies namely coins, stars and they are effective for each task. The players can use them for expanding the garden and make the gameplay smooth. Here we are sharing complete guide about both currencies.

Uses of coins and stars:


It is the first currency in the game, and it is used for adding many new things. We have to collect much amount of it for grabbing many puzzles levels. Coins are for purchasing many new gadgets and tools but for earning we have to do some efforts. It is a challenging task to get the new boosters, but with the help of coins, we will collect it.


The stars are an ultimate currency, and high amount of it requires for leveling up, and most of the players find many new ways for playing fast in the tasks. Stars are giving us great assistance on completing the challenges. The players will change such currency into the resources for surviving long. Any player can collect more stars by the Gardenscapes Cheats, and such a tool gives other advantages also.



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