6 significant tips and tricks of Jurassic World: The Game


The attraction and the income source of the Jurassic World: The Game is dinosaurs. At starting you were introduced with 40 dinosaurs, moreover, you can also name them with your own wish. You can also modify your techniques if you get bored with the old one. The game also allows the players to plant more trees for the environment, and one can also create water sources for the animals living in the theme park.

What to do to make your dinosaur healthy?

To make your dinosaur healthy and satisfied, the task which you had to do is that one can give all the essential items to dinosaur-like social interactions and the food which they like to eat.

Tips and tricks of the game

  1. In all the three divisions, you should make sure that you have a good reputation. However, your main focus is to win as well as to set a reputation for other players. For that, you need to pay focus on the three divisions.
  2. One need to unlock more sites of digging, to access more dinosaurs, and it can be easily done by building more and more expedition centres.
  3. From the blue icon which is placed at the top of your screen allow you to send dig items.
  4. To unlock VIP Dinosaurs, loyalty point one can use Jurassic World: The Game Hack, which is totally free for the players.
  5. You need to manage the power stations which ensure that whether all the centres are getting power or not. It will also help you to get more money for your park.

It is recommended to you that carry all the valuable resources to every island you visit or progress as it will provide a significant start to the player.



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