Who can stand till the last in Rules of SURVIVAL?

Who can stand till the last in Rules of SURVIVAL?

Voila, guys, an action pack thriller game has taken place in itunes and Play store. Earlier you have only seen players on PC and X-Box to play survival games. From now on the whole, scenario has been changed. Games like PUBG are getting in your phone on the go. 120 online players are dropped in the game and you have to beat others to live till the last. A perfect clone of the legendary Royale Battle games. The most trill comes when the forbidden zone expands and play zone shrinks down to smaller circles.


Key Features of this Game:

Ø You get to choose the land you want to parachute down from the aircraft.

Ø Different places have got different attributes; you can choose which part can be advantageous for you.

Ø Buildings and construction objects are always work like supply-mine. Whatever you need- armor, arms, dress kit, foods -you can find out.

Ø The allowed circle repeatedly shrinks into smaller circles and you must get inside it before it harms you to death.

Ø After dropping in any place don’t try to get to others hand to hand, it will disappointingly get you killed by whoever first pick a gun.

Ø Google Play store has given it 4.3/5 ratings and 16+ age restriction due to strong violence. So, don’t act like anything occurs inside the game in your real life.

What to Remember:

Always do yourself a favor when you’re playing this game, never pick up wrong items on the go while you are scavenging. It will definitely slow you down and that can draw others to catch you.

On the other hand, when you get to choose guns between various choices never get too excited and pick gigantic arms. Because in different situation different type of guns are needed.


If you want to Rule in Rules of Survival:

Ø First things first, always cover yourself from all possible angles, and close doors each time you enter or exit a building or a room in it.

Ø Outside the game, physical memory of your device should be kept as clear as possible.

Ø Well, establishment on any server is basic requirement to play this game, so try to stay connected in a good WIFI network bu trying Rules Of Survival Cheats.

Ø Finally keep your mind sharp and calm, if you are totally out of your mind no way that you can optimize yourself not to be get killed.